A Foccacia trial

Today I tried to make a foccacia bread by following a traditional italian guys recipe that I found on Youtube. The recipe calls for a straight dough, so no pre-ferment. This is unusall to me, I thought a biga is always needed? But hey, I just follow what the old guy says.

I can’t speak Italian (or understand it) so I’m following the subtiitles. He shows how he gets the ingredients on the table and gradually incorporates them to get the right consistency of flour and water. It looks like there is no recipe?

Well a flour/water ratio anyway.

What the bread recipe involved

He uses fresh yeast, salt and olive oil, nothing fancy and kneads for about 20 minutes. Before allowing the dough to rest for 2 hours. No folding or anything the dough is nice and elastic in the video, mine was not!

The baker was able to stretch it out thinly with ease, I couldn’t manage to do that though!


I’ll try again next week I suppose.